Question and Answer

  • Q1. How long does the license valid ?
    A1. Regular license is prepetual; Annual license needs renew every year; Monthly license can be set up multiple months.

  • Q2. Does the license work on multiple comuputers ?
    A2. Regular and annual license is bonded to a single medium, a flash drive or a hard drive; monthly license can work on multiple PCs.

  • Q3. What is the requirement on PCs for Landayne suite ?
    A3. There is no special requirement on the PCs for Landyne suite. The following is recommended, OS: Win7 or up; Memory: 2GB or up; Hard drive: 128GB or up; CPU: i3 or up; Monitor: 1920x1080 or up.

  • Q4. How to install Landayne suite ?
    A4. Download and install Java SE Runtime Environment 8 (JRE); Download and install Java Advanced Image (JAI); Download and install Landyne suite. Here is [the pdf instruction] and [the video instruction]

  • Q5. False warning on some of virue protection software ?
    A5. My PC has Symantec Endpoint protection. A warning of thread: WS.Reputation.1 is shown when I use landyne. The only reason for the warning is that this file has been seen by fewer than 50 Symantec users. I just set Symantec leave landyne.exe alone. The warning is not shown anymore.