Software Licensing

License Types

  • Short-term license: one month license on multiple PCs, good for teaching courses or evaluation purpose. One-year license on single PC, good for students or research project. In both cases, requirement of internet access.
  • Regular license: a perpetual license; limited to single media (a PC hard drive or a flash drive); no requirement of internet access. The best deal.

Software suite and selected components

    The Landyne software suite is more powerful to be used as a package. We recommend you get the licenses of the package. In addition, you is allowed to purchase the licenses of selected components in the package.

License prices

  • In order to promote the distribution of the software, we provide preferential price for first time users.
  • Landyne suite (all software modules): first month: $29.00 or first year: $299.00.
  • Selected software modules:
  • SAED4 and PCED4: first year $49.00 each.
  • SPICA3, QSAED3, QPCED3, TEMUC3 and SAKI3: first year $39.00 each.
  • HOLZ, SVAT and PAPM: first year $29.00 each.

  • Contact us at (

The price regular (perpetual) licenses and discount

  • The prices of regular (perpetual) licenses are availble on reuested.
  • We provide various of discounts on the regular licenses.
  • For example, the second set of licenses is only half price of original regular licenses.
  • Real-time logbook system (RTLS): regular (perpetual) license $25.00 each

For customers from China

    Customers from China may purchase software licenses as listed above directly from us for selected software components or full software packages. If you request a domestic official receipt, you may purchase software licenses through our sale agent in China, limited to a full suite of software packages. Please contact us first.